a big scope of our works is new homes & house renovations.  doing all the plumbing works necessary from start to finish.  which includes the under ground and above ground work.

  • Drains: sewer & storm water
  • hot & cold water
  • rain water tanks & lines
  • gas lines
  • installation of the bathrooms, kitchens & laundries
  • Gas appliances                       
  • downpipes, flashings and roofing


we know that nothing lasts forever, so to keep things running we offer a maintenance service as well.  it can be an inconvenience at times when an issue may arrive causing a delay in your day.   so we aim to sort out the issue fast and head ache free.


  • Backflow prevention testing
  • burst water pipes & Replacing old water lines
  • leaking gas pipes, gas line renewals & gas appliances
  • Hot water services
  • fixtures (toilets, basins, sinks, ect)
  • digging up and replacing broken sewer and storm water drains
  • blocked drains
  • leaking taps and drips
  • roof leaks & Roof renewals
  • all general plumbing


whether its a school, restaurant, shopping center, gym, offices, factories or your place of business we offer the following:


  • underground works:  grease traps, oil interceptors, pumps,  sewer , storm water, pits, gas & water

  • above ground :  Backflow prevention devices, hot & cold water lines, gas lines, suspended drains & downpipes

  • installations of :  commercial kitchens,  commercial fixtures & tapware, commercial gas appliances


Fixing problems and issues, replacing parts or removing the old and bringing in the new.  we've got you covered.

  • renovation works in the areas listed above
  • full or partial renovations,
  • replacement of old pipes, fixtures & appliances

if work is required that's not described above, call us! the chances are we can do it.

                                   hope to do business with you shortly!