At DDM we understand the importance of plumbing in our community and infrastructure.     

without a proper plumbing practice there are hazards that could emerge through society.                        

Its crucial that our drainage Systems and water supplies are installed and maintained correctly.  if not we could put our health and quality of life at risk. 

we also acknowledge the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and leaking gas lines.

That's why we are up to date with the latest licenses, standards and regulations. also carrying out the necessary tests and checks ensuring you of a professional job without cutting corners.            


                                 ABOUT US

DDM plumbing & gas is a modern, new, fast thinking plumbing team situated in the north west of Melbourne.   growing quickly due to a good reputation.   good quality work and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.         

we service all areas of inner and outer regions of Melbourne and Victoria.  

whether it's a new restaurant being built or as simple as a tap washer.   call us and we'll be there.    

our customers, clients and builders compliment us on clear communication skills, friendly service and great quality of work.

we have many years experience in modern plumbing installations and also in old plumbing that requires maintenance.

We are your experts in new installations, renovations, refurbishments and maintenance, in the areas of both commercial and domestic. no matter the size!    (to see our full scopes of works please go to services)

Looking forward to doing business with you shortly!